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Recommended exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip

osteoarthritis of the hip

The hip osteoarthritis is a disease of the skeletal muscle system characterized by progressive degradation of the articular cartilage. It produces pain when walking in the crease of the groin, in the buttock and, sometimes, in the internal part of the knee. The discomfort may be accompanied by creaking and stiffness, as well as difficulty in separating the leg from the body or turning it outward. There are factors that favor the appearance of osteoarthritis, such as age, being overweight or performing intense physical activity. Many people who have this pathology end up with a hip prosthesis . 

Stretch and strengthen muscles

Some steps can be taken to improve symptoms, such as losing weight and following a healthy diet. Spa treatments help recovery, as medicinal mineral waters improve pain and relax muscles. Sport also adds to the improvement: swimming and cycling, taking walks on flat terrain, without irregularities or slopes or doing gymnastics with stretching, toning and relaxation.

Patients with osteoarthritis of the hip should perform an exercise program at least three times a week for about 30 minutes. The unfit person may start training more slowly. This has to include:

  • Stretches to lengthen the body’s muscles, while mobilizing the joint. They are performed while maintaining the position for a few seconds and you do not have to force yourself looking for the pain, but work just at the point where there is more mobility without discomfort.
  • Muscle power , to strengthen muscles. Several repetitions of each exercise should be performed.
  • Aerobic exercise to exercise the lungs, the heart and increase resistance.

Exercises that benefit hip tone

The recommended rehabilitation, which the patient can carry out at home, must be done lying down on the back (supine position) on a more or less hard surface, with the legs extended and parallel. There are several exercises that will help improve symptoms:

  • Knee and thigh push-ups, trying to touch the abdomen and holding for a few seconds. The leg should then be extended.
  • Knee flexes without taking the sole of the foot off the surface. The flexed knee should be directed toward the extended leg. Then you have to direct the knee to the opposite side, separating the leg as much as possible. It is important to always keep your foot on the surface.
  • Bend both knees and try to separate them, keeping the soles of the feet on the surface.
  • Slide your heels toward your buttocks, starting with your legs straight.
  • Move the ankles back and forth, in the pointe and flex position.
  • Place a ball between the knees and press.

There are also exercises that are not performed in a lying position. They are as follows:

  • Sitting the patient on the floor, with the legs stretched out, should try to spread them out to the sides as much as possible and maintain the position for several seconds.
  • In the standing position, the patient should lean on a chair and raise the legs as far back as possible. Also to the sides.
  • Climb up and down a step, holding several seconds

Not all training is good for osteoarthritis of the hip. There are prohibited exercises for people with osteoarthritis of the hip. Some of them are:

  • Try to touch the feet with the hands, bending the body forward.
  • Squat.

Leading an active life and performing the recommended exercises helps to strengthen muscles and improve elasticity of the hip and leg.


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