Home Tech Google and Parallels team up to use Windows apps on Chrome OS

Google and Parallels team up to use Windows apps on Chrome OS

Google and Parallels team up

Google has been developing its own operating system for years, but although it has achieved some success in the educational environment where students generally only need a handful of office applications, it has not been able to attract advanced users due to the lack of programs. To make up for this lack, it introduced the Play Store in the operating system, running the Android applications, and now it has teamed up with Parallels to allow the use of Windows applications in Chrome OS.

Parallels is known for its solution to run Windows directly on macOS, which in recent times has also improved to run more and more games that are only developed for Windows. The bad news is that this solution is geared towards Chrome Enterprise, which is Google’s business tools for Chrome OS.

This system of running Windows applications in Chrome OS will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020, as may be the complete Office package . Neither Google nor Parallels have gone into more detail about how they will allow those applications to run. If it is like until now, that will involve installing a Windows virtual machine and integrating its execution in Chrome OS as it happens with Desktop in macOS.


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