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Can Yaman fans anxiously await their new project


Can Yaman fans anxiously await their new project

Can Yaman is going to form a couple with actress Demet Özdemir who promises to hook all of Italy, where the Daydreamer series – Le Ali Del Sogno is going to premiere next Wednesday June 10. The premiere has sparked great interest in the transalpine country, which, like the Spanish one, needs stories with which to better cope with the hard times it is going through. Thus, the popular soap opera actor promises to be one of the best medicines in times of crisis.

Little is known of what will happen on the day of the premiere, but the chemistry given off by the couple means that success is practically guaranteed. The actor announced it on his social networks, both in Turkish and Italian, pointing out the appointment with great emphasis:

The leading man became famous with the character he played in Erkenci Kus. He is one of the main soap opera actors in the modern world . That is something that no one disputes anymore. But far from that objective fact, the passions that Can Yaman raises in Spain are not “half normal”, as defended by their own followers. When the premiere of the Erkenci Kus series took place on Divinity (the channel that acquired the rights to broadcast this fiction in Spain), this triggered all the audience data for a specialized channel on Digital Terrestrial Television. So much so that it even reached audience levels not seen to date. And that the top was still to return.

The fever for the gallant in Spain reached such a point that even follower excursions to Madrid were organized when the actor visited Spain last November. The artist’s convening power was so overwhelming that the National Police had to escort him in several of the acts he attended in the Spanish capital. At Mediaset he participated in various programs and was treated like a real star. At the same level as any Hollywood actor.


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