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15 Quick Dishes for a Healthy Diet


Easy cooking for people with little time and desire to eat well, that is the motto of Kitchens and to which we are going to dedicate this post in which we will show you several examples of how it is possible to eat well by following a healthy diet and investing the minimum time in Cook.
Today we forget for a moment all the special recipes that we have prepared for you for Christmas and that you will discover in the coming days and we focus on everyday dishes, meal ideas that we can prepare to eat or to dine when there is no time for anything and when the temptation to eat some precooked kindergarten is about to win the game.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

15 quick dishes for a healthy diet

Peppers stuffed with quinoa

A leftover use recipe that brightens us up for lunch or dinner. We can take advantage of leftover quinoa with mushrooms or tabouleh of quinoa to fill some piquillo peppers that, accompanied by a good salad, will make a complete and very nutritious dish.

Scrambled eggs

We teach you how to prepare them in this post and they are aided like themselves because they fix us from breakfast to dinner. We show you two proposals, with a salad and ham cubes or with some leftover ratatouille that, this time, had no tomato sauce.

Grilled salmon

It is prepared in 5 minutes and accompanied by grilled vegetables such as zucchini or eggplant or a good salad and it is a very complete dish for those moments when it is impossible to take time out for more elaborate recipes such as this orange salmon .

Grilled chicken

Thinking about a healthy diet and grilled chicken breast I think is all one. In this case, a perfect dish accompanied by a little salad and some leftover rice with paprika vegetables .

Grilled shrimp

Being in a hurry and wanting to eat a healthy diet is not incompatible with indulging yourself from time to time and for that, what better than a little seafood like shrimp that can be accompanied by a vegetable curry soup or a Thai salad or a Vegetable cream, in this case, was spinach.

Grilled beef with salad

Another diet classic, grilled beef, doesn’t have to be that shoe sole-style steak we often imagine when we think of healthy food.

French omelette

Another classic to which, giving it a little imagination, we can turn it into a very attractive dish, because one of the keys to leading a healthier diet is not to fall into monotony and cook dishes that are appetizing at first sight. This time, I have added a few pieces of cheese to some leftover spinach with red pepper and I have put it as a filling for the tortilla.

Grilled eggs

If the French omelette does not convince us, we can always make a couple of eggs, grilled or in the microwave and accompany them with some grilled or steamed vegetables that are also cooked in the microwave.

Rice cooked in the microwave

We have already shown you a couple of recipes in two posts, the pilaf rice and the rice 3 delicacies . And look how good these leftover rice pilaf look with some steamed carrots, a little yogurt sauce , a few pieces of black garlic and some sprigs of celery.

Vegetarian sushi

We taught you how to prepare sushi for quite some time and, apart from being delicious, it is a dish that is barely fat and adequate if we intend to follow a healthy diet. This time I wanted a vegetarian so it only takes vegetables.

Grilled squid

Squids are a source of protein that provides little fat and cooking them on the grill, apart from being much cleaner than frying them, is a quick way to prepare a meal for those days of rush. This time, accompanied by some Padrón peppers cooked in the microwave without fat, salad and zucchini and grilled aubergine.

Sautéed red cabbage

Another completely vegetarian dish, this time to take advantage of the piece of red cabbage that was left over after making the cream . Red cabbage cut into strips and sautéed with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil, zucchini and eggplant stewed with spices and roasted piquillo peppers in the micro.

Grilled fish

If in addition to a healthy diet we intend to minimize fat, salmon may not be the most appropriate and it will be more advisable to opt for leaner white fish like this meiga (which I think is called rapante in the rest of Spain) with potatoes and steamed carrot (potato and carrot are steamed in the microwave in just 6 minutes).

Miso soup

A couple of weeks ago we taught you how to prepare this nutritious miso soup in just 5 minutes, which we can turn into a complete menu with a salad (in this case, curly collard greens ) and a few slices of grilled tofu.


And of course, eating a healthy diet is not at odds with eating pasta, only instead of accompanied by a greasy industrial sauce, we will accompany it with a low-fat meat such as turkey or chicken and a sauce based on fresh vegetables. And it will be much better if the pasta is whole.

And so far our selection of “15 in less than 15” because they are all dishes for which at most we will have to spend 15 minutes cooking.

What do you think? Do you try to eat every day following a healthy diet or are you one of the temptations of pre-cooked fast food?


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